Concerned Citizens of Union County

is a grassroots effort to hold all levels of local government accountable to the will of the people.  We believe in supporting family values, have faith in God, and actively work towards educating our fellow citizens in policy matters that effect our way of life, while upholding the principles of our constitutions.

Union County Historic Courthouse
Neighbors Standing with Neighbors!
Union County is a small community and many of us decided to make our lives here because of it. We understand others will be attracted to the area for those same reasons and that the community will continue to grow. We are concerned with the direction of that growth and would like to have input into future development.

5 Member Commissioner Board Petition

Don't forget to sign the petition so you will have the option to vote yes or no on a 5 Member Commissioner Board. 
Stay Informed!
Concerned Citizens meets every month to update the residents on the happens of Union County. Please consider stopping in and getting to know us. Meetings only last an hour or so...
Transparency is Everything!
We strive to bring transparency to our local government so you know exactly what's happening and what's going to happen here in Union County. 
Endorsed Candidates
We believe in our founding documents and the rights "We the People" derive from them. With that in mind, we are always looking to endorse and assist candidates with strong, conservative, liberty loving values.