A Sole Commissioner form of government was meant for very small communities but with the recent population increase of our county we believe it is time to change Union County's method of governance from Sole Commissioner to a five-member part-time Board of Commissioners. Union County is one of only seven counties left in the United Sates still using this archaic style of government.

Concerned Citizens of Union County is circulating a petition to allow residents of Union County to vote for or against changing from a Sole Commissioner to a 5 Member Board of Commissioners. Our county is growing and we feel it is time our government grows along with it. Please consider signing our petition to allow your neighbors the opportunity to decide if they would like to have our county make this change.
(see actual referendum wording below)

Facts & Figures

Union County is currently one of only seven counties remaining out of 3,143 counties in the U.S. that still use a Sole Commissioner style government. The seven others are all in Georgia. Our current Sole Commissioner has held his office for 22 years!

Growth & Effectiveness

  • Union County’s population increased over 50% since the current Sole Commissioner took office 22 years ago.
  • One Commissioner cannot effectively govern the entire county.
  • A five-member independent board will more effectively serve the county.

Better Decisions

  • Board members will have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and with each member residing in different districts, it would provide residents with a voice. 
  • Residents will be able to have input in the decisions instead of learning about them after they have already been made.

Transparency in County Affairs

  • Board members elections will be staggered to provide residents the opportunity to change the makeup of the board every two years. With a multi-commissioner board accountability is increased along with greater transparency.

Where Can You Sign the Petition?

Our volunteers will be at the Farmer's Market Saturday Mornings
from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Be sure to stop by and see us!

Wording of Proposed Referendum

Petition of Union County Georgia Registered Voters

“Shall the governing authority of Union County be changed from a Sole Commissioner to a Five Member Board of Commissioners? Candidates seeking a Seat as District Commissioner shall live in the District they represent and be elected by Registered Voters in a county-wide election. The five members of the Board of Commissioners will serve as part-time representatives for Union County Government. Once elected, the Board of Commissioners shall employ a County Manager to administer the daily activities of Union County Government."

Frequently Asked Questions
But I like the commissioner.
The referendum is not about our current Sole Commissioner. It is about a more representative and open form of government. Our Sole Commissioner has done a lot for our county especially in public recreation. He can certainly run for his District Board Seat if he chooses.