Election Issues

It can be argued that the right to vote is the single most important right we have. Why? Because the people we elect literally have the ability to bankrupt us, to ruin our quality of life, restrict or freedoms, and spend our nation into oblivion. Even more important than voting is being able to cast your vote and know it will count in the way you intended and to be confident that only people who are legally allowed to vote do.  

The Election Integrity Committee is a group dedicated to action not simply words and will accomplish its mission by:
Making concerns known to Union County Board of Elections via speaking at the Election Board meetings,
Providing a way for the community to express their and concerns and questions about conduct of Union County elections via this website,
Working to establish a dialog between the Board of Elections and the Community,
Working to achieve transparency between the Board of Elections and the Community.
Educating the Community to the actual workings of the Board of Elections,
Using Open Record Requests (ORRs) to obtain information on the operation of Union County elections if information is not provided in any other way,
Working to return elections to paper ballots instead of computerized systems,
Working to return to an Election Day instead of an Election Season.