Concerned Citizens of Union County
Education Committee


The education of the children of Union County is of paramount importance. We believe that all children must be given the opportunity to achieve a high level of quality education in reading, writing, science, mathematics, and civics. The children must understand founding principles of the United States. They must be educated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with a full understanding of how our government is intended to work.

To this end, we will work to obtain transparency into the quality of the academic environment and achievement in our schools and into the detailed finances of the schools to assure that the citizens of Union County are receiving the highest quality of education for our children at the best possible cost.

Action, Action, Action!

The Education Committee is a group dedicated to action not simply words and will accomplish its mission by:

  • Making concerns known to the School Board via speaking during the public comments portion of the School Board Meetings
  • Providing a way for the community to express their concerns and questions about the Union County School System through communicating to the Education Committee via this website
  • Working to establish a dialog between the School Board and the Community
  • Working to achieve transparency between the School Board and the Community
  • Working to make the financial state of the school system visible to the community
  • Work to make the complete detailed budget of the school system visible to the community
  • Working to assure that Critical Race Theory is not present in our schools
  • Working to assure that Social Emotional Learning is not present in our schools.
  • Educating the community to the actual workings of the school board and school system
  • Using Open Record Requests (ORRs) to obtain information on the operation of the school system if information is not provided in any other way

School Board Presentations

Over the past several months, citizens of Union County have spoken at School Board meetings during the Public Comment portion of the agenda. The text of many of these comments is available below.

Ways To Help

Show your support by attending Schools Board Meetings. The School Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Board of Education building 124 Hughes Street, Blairsville. If you would like to speak at the meetings you must make a request and you can find the Request for Public Comment Form here. The school board website can be accessed through the Union County School website. 

Contact Form

Do you have information about the Union County School System, do you have concerns about your children’s education, questions or comments for us?  Please use the form below to send us a confidential message. We welcome all input and will respond to questions and help with concerns.

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