County Government

Our Purpose

The governing of Union County is important to all who live in Union County, pay taxes in Union County and receive services from Union County. We believe that county government that is responsible to the citizens is essential. We believe that transparency into the workings of the government and the cost of government is necessary if the citizens of Union County are to receive quality services at a fair cost.

The decisions of the Union County government determine the direction of the culture of Union County.  Will the county remain an essentially rural county or will it open its arms to an influx of outside elements changing the county to an urban/suburban culture with heavy tourism. County government makes these decisions.

We believe that the citizens of Union County must be educated to the workings of county government, showing how decisions influence the culture of the county. How an understanding of the detailed budget will allow the citizens to be able to intelligently interface with the county government to make their desires known regarding the direction the county moves in the future. In this way, we the citizens can assure that we have fair governance at a reasonable cost that is response to its citizens.


The Concerned Citizens of Union County are a group dedicated to action not simply words. To this end the County Governance Committee will accomplish its mission by:

  1. Making concerns known to the County Commissioner via speaking at the monthly County Commission meetings
  2. Working to establish a dialog between the County Commissioner and the Community
  3. Working to achieve transparency between the County Commissioner and the Community
  4. Working to make the financial state of the school system visible to the community
  5. Working to make the complete detailed budget of the County Government visible to the community
  6. Educating the community to the actual workings of the County Government
  7. Using Open Record Requests (ORRs) to obtain information on the operation of the County Government if information is not provided in any other way

Ways to Help

Attend the meetings of the Concerned Citizens of Union County and voice your opinions, and ask your questions.

Attend the Commissioner’s meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM at Union County Courthouse.

The County Government website can be accessed via -

Do you have information about the Union County Government, do you have concerns about the conduct of our Union County Government, or other questions or comments for us? Please contact us. We welcome all input and will respond to questions and help with concerns.

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